Friday, 20 May 2011


So I know I've been fairly quiet the last couple of weeks but I've had my reasons... anyway back to the blogging full poweeerrrr!

A quick update then, I came 25th in Austria which was ok but I wasn't entirely happy with. The last heat I sailed, which happened to be the last one of the day when they got into the double, was practically night time...this pic from JC shows what it was like less than 5 minutes after my heat finished, ok he has a flash on the camera but it's still pretty dark.

Photo: JC

It was a fun trip to Austria and good to go with a group of UK guys, especially Bubble who had been 50 times before and knew the place better than the organisers... shame he forgot his gloves for the last day...

Photo: JC

So after Austria was the Wales event. I managed to come 7th in the pros which I was actually really happy about as I got a pushie in each of my heats, something I had been practicing in Cape Town a bit. Aside from that I haven't really done much wave sailing so it was nice to get that sort of result.



Since Wales I've had a couple of nice sessions back near home and have been practicing the power moves in the choppiest conditions i can find!

Anyway more in my Boards column and more on here soon...

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