Saturday, 26 February 2011

Camber SUP!!

So a slightly disappointing forecast. Can't really say I didn't expect it. I was really excited about it but the fact that it appeared really late and didn't have much base to it left me hesitant. Despite that I made the call to just a few people about Camber possibly having the once a year conditions this weekend...unfortunately the wind just didn't come through.

The good news...the swell did. So I got out for an amazing SUP session from 4.30-6.00 (awesome sunset), 2-3 foot peeling waves, I even spotted it barreling over at times. Pretty unheard of at Camber so I was pleased to make the effort and had a great time on the RRD Diamond Line 10'6"...

Next trip all booked to Egypt on the 16th for two weeks before the easter comps! planning to go to Austria...bit more affordable than Vietnam!! Looks like the UK guys (Bubble and Max) are doing well out there. If you haven't already seen it, then check the live stream out in the morning, Ben Proffitt and Max Rowe are giving some amusing commentary and its on when you wake up in the morning about 7-8 UK time,!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Wind again!

Another windy weekend!! Got out yesterday for 2 hours or so at Pirate Springs (a spot Sam Conroy has been raving about). Was side-on and well powered up on my 4.9 and 76 quad. Had a fun session, getting all the moves sorted but it was pretttty cold on the old hands. Despite gloves the sea temperature was absolutely freezing!

Anyway bit lighter today, off for an adventure SUP down a local river...ooooo

Monday, 7 February 2011

20 hours in 4 days!

Had some awesome sessions since Friday. The wind has been incredible!

Friday: Sailed Camber, 4.1 and 76 Quad. Amazing session with some awesome ramps.

Saturday: Essexpression... Day one at Point Clear. Bit lighter than expected with the wind dropping a bit. Changed up a size and had a couple of good heats..well the final was definitely better. We had two semi final heats and a final. Max Rowe and Oscar Carmichael got through from heat 1 and myself and John Palmer from heat 2. The wind picked up in the final, which suited me as I was a bit under powered in the semi. I opened up my heat with a one handed air'ish' Bob and a one handed air funnel. Then got a forward, a shaka, a planning flaka, a sw kono, an eslider, a mat (half a matador) and a pun (half a puneta) and a couple other moves I think... so all in all a pretty good heat, infact, probably one of my best i've ever sailed. I didn't really watch what the others got, which probably helped, and I ended up taking 1st place. Pretty pleased with that result. Then went back to Max's that evening and had a few drinks...

Sunday: Sailed Marconi's sailing club, Steve Thorne's local, with everyone. Was good fun but felt pretty worse for wear...

Monday: Sailed Camber with Max, Palmer and Whitey. Looked pretty budget when we arrived but decided to pick up as soon as we hit the water... had to change from 4.9 and 90l twinfin to 4.5 and 76l quad...still well powered up. Had a great session with Whitey taking some hopefully see more soon...

Completely broken now, ready for a day or twos rest then...who knows...maybe another windsurf (judging by the forecast).

Kit for sale (for those interested):
ALL RRD boards and sails and reason for sale is to make room for the new gear.
2010 74 Twinfin (wave) - Exceptional condition 
2010 90 Twinfin (wave) - Exceptional condition
2010 88 Twintip (freestyle/freeride/bump and jump) - Exceptional condition, single fin

2010 Superstyle 3.7 - Barely used, Exceptional condition
2010 Superstyle 4.9 - Exceptional condition

Please email for info on prices (no damage to any of the gear, pics can be seen on the rrd website, here, and postage is £15.50 per item).