Thursday, 15 September 2011

Celebratory road trip!!

So straight after winning the new title of UK Freestyle champion last weekend down in Poole I decided to chase the rest of the wind around the country a bit, meeting up with Oscar and Palmer along the way.

On the Monday we ended up sailing at Weymouth. The call to go there over West Witterings was tough as most of the guys I knew sailed at Witterings that day, but being more west was pretty much the main reason for Weymouth. It was pretty windy but really up and down all day, which resulted in changing sails about 4 times! Meeting up with Oscar there was a lot of fun though and we ended up having a good session.

After this we drove North to West Kirby for literally an afternoon/evening session. I've never been there before and that spot is truly incredible! I know 'The Trench' at West Witterings is also extremely good; super flat, consistant wind and sandy but Kirby has the advantage of working in any tide state. Really it was amazing, like sailing on a swimming pool. Sailing until sunset was the coolest thing as well as you could see the sun setting down the Estuary and the wind just stayed the whole time. If there ever was a place to hold a freestyle windsurfing event then this would be it.

Photos: Hanna Poschinger

Now the plan is to head North to Scotland this weekend for the Windfest and then maybe cruise down the East coast on the way home or stop at Kirby again...

Monday, 12 September 2011

2011 UK Freestyle Champion

This weekend was the final stop of the UKWA Freestyle Tour in Poole and it was windy!!!

It was cool to see everyone there again, Poole always attracts most of the UK's Freestylers. We had pretty awesome conditions on the Sunday with most people on 4.2/4.7. Saturday was a little less but more choppy. This allowed us to do 3 whole rounds of competition to decide the event winner. It was a super close event and this was even more clear by the fact that Max won the first round, Bubble won the second and I won the third. So it was down to who got the 2nd and 3rd places of each heat.

Anyway in the end I was super happy to be crowned the new UK Freestyle Champion and to have won the final round of the weekend. Congrats to Max for winning this event and also to all the other winners from the other classes; Ams, Juniors, Minims and the Girls. 

Here are a few pictures from an epic finale of the tour!

Friday, 9 September 2011

New Video!

Check out my new video from 6 weeks in Fuerte.

Thanks to everyone that helped to film it.

If you are intereted then there is also a little interview on, here:

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

NWF and Full Power

So NWF was an awesome weekend, as fun as ever and already looking forward to next year. A few of the highlights for me had to be rounding the first mark of the slalom in first place by quite a distance before my boom snapped...damn it, coming second in the night tow-in and 3rd in the freestyle. Hopefully better next year.. and the party was funny!

Apres NWF Max, Bubble, Muzza and myself meet up at West Witterings (yesterday) for a bit of a turned out to be a bit windier than forecasted and full full power...if you haven't seen it already then check the epic crash video from Max...

Here are a few snapshots from being pretty stacked in gusting 50 knots!

On another note my video from Fuerte is just around the corner...... so check back very soon... tomorrow infact!