Friday, 24 December 2010

Went for a windsurf yesterday...

...and this is what happened...


... thanks to my new sponsor SPARTAN wetsuits for keeping me warm on the water and of course the legendary RRD for making me look suuuuuper cool in those speedos (for Jai...inside joke) and of course for making me look just as raaaad off the water!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Skiing/Time off

So just got back from a weeks skiing in St Anton, well we stayed in Lech but it's all the same area.

Two highlights: the powder was over chest deep on the first day and sometimes I found it going over my head as I put in a turn. Never skied in anything quite that deep before, the rest of the week it was waist deep. Absolutely scored it on the snow front then. The other highlight was this toboggan run we went to, where you get the cable car up, have a meal then toboggan down on these tiny little sledges. I made a quick video of me and my brothers having a few crashes on the final bend of the run. Awesome fun and I massively recommend it to anyone who gets a week or two in this year. - Short Tobogganing vid with my brothers.

So at home now and ready for some serious christmas meals. Also just noticed the forecast has a couple of good days coming up. Will have a chance to try out my new spartan suits!! Awesome! If anyone is interested in any last minute Christmas presents then there are some awesome watches, tees and hoodies on this site:

more soon...

Friday, 10 December 2010

Cold sessions - oh yehhh

Not much to say really just read/watch this -

Happy to make a boardseeker feature though. Outside of the cold sessions I do have some news of a new sponsorship deal and a job... I won't leave you in the dark too long, but check back soon for more!

Also heading off to Cape Town on 4th Jan for a bit - hmmmm human eating sharks...

Thursday, 2 December 2010

A cold one...

So went to Whitstable yesterday... still alive...!

Got a video coming soon! Was seriously cold and got the ice cream hands and feet every 2/3 runs, not even joking! Summer boots were probably a bad call!

Anyway I'll be staying in I'm stuck here! I'll try out this snow windsurfing though and get some pics! I guess that means Bubble is stuck in his complimentary 5 star accommodation in Sharm for another night. Was supposed to be picking him up from the airport last night!

A few pics...
Rescuing a someone stuck on a hill

-5 recorded in the car before the snow began

Outside my window literally just now..still snowing!

Bubble back to nature..making a log fire (before he left to Egypt)!

A really cold shaka from yesterday (video frame)