Saturday, 25 September 2010

Fat Face photo shoot

Here is a quick snapshot of what was going on yesterday at the fat face photoshoot. It was a really fun day and the photographers were brilliant, if not a little crazy ;) shouting at us to get closer and closer on each run until eventually I shot by about 4 inches from the lens and had to look back to double check nothing had actually glanced him.

To keep it short we got up pretty early and drove down to Portsmouth where Thomas Cawte and I were picked up in a rib and taken over to Cowes, where we met the boat (in the background of the pic). We rigged up pretty quick on a private beach. Then sailed about in front of the boat for a couple of hours pulling off a load of moves for the cameras.

The boat then pulled into Portsmouth harbour where I ended up baring my chicken legs for the camera as I was asked to be in the sock shot for the catalouge. So make sure you grab a copy of the spring summer catalouge next year and pop into the shop to see the pics and a video..loads more like the above.

Off to Whitstable for a cheeky windsurf now!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

blogging hell!!

So a quick blog update!! My comp has been down for sometime now, so using oneof my brothers but to keep anyone who is interested in the loop I came thrid at the freestyle nationals, which I was really happy about as I made the podium, which I knew wasn't going to be easy. I was second in the tow in freestyle which was cool. Third time I've ever done that and tried ducking the sail for some new skool moves....hmmm...

Aside from that I've just started to hit the road on the UK RRD road trip... turning up at a shop near you, and showing off all of the 2011 gear. Got out on the hardcore quad the other day... awesome board, I'll be going with those for this year then. I have yet to try the twinfin freestyle board RRD are bringing out this year but as soon as I do I'm sure I'll write something up on here. I hear they work suuuper well!!

Off for a fat face photo shoot tmrw in the middle of a secret location.. ;) should be fun though as I think me and a kitesurfing friend of mine just have to do loads of moves behind the people who are modelling...or something like that!!

Anyway I'll see if I can get more info up on here tmrw eve!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Surprise sessions are the best!!!

Just got back from a power hour on the water at Camber and it was one of the best sessions I have had at home in a looong time. It was so quiet down there, maybe 5 windsurfers and 5 kites. Some good stunt rumps, pushing shoulder high every now and again. Fully powered on my 5.3 RRD superstyle and my RRD 88TT and busting out just about all the moves I can do and was awesome!! Definitely a good confidence booster for this weekend:

It's rare to get surprise sessions like that but when you do they are some of the best. The forecast for the past few days was for rain all day today but the sun was out from the word go, then the gentle breeze that was forecast got a kick from the sea breeze and I checked the weather update once and saw 18 knots, so went for it. After Monday's disappointment of a drive around most of kent for the afternoon but no wind, I feel I deserved it.

Only bad note, a huge rain cloud killed the wind an hour in...probably a good thing though as it left me feeling fully buzzed!! Also the way that cloud rolled in, set an amazing backdrop, maybe I'll take the video camera next time!

Monday, 6 September 2010

National Windsurfing Festival 2010

As per usual the National Windsurfing Festival was on top form this weekend. Loads of people competing, 300+ is what I heard. I had a good event myself, 8th overall in the racing which I'm pretty happy about as I have never done a proper weekend series of races before. It was actually really good fun as well and pretty exciting. The boards and sails that have been designed for slalom racing are really really fast and its very close racing at such high speeds.

It was great to see everyone who you don't get to see much and to just be able to sail on the water with sooo many people.

It was good to see so many spectators as well, I swear more come along each year. This year the beach was lined from top to bottom with them all at the night windsurf and then still a huge amount of people during the day.

A freestyle comp was put together during the event and we were lucky to get about 20 knots of wind again. I managed to bust out a few of my latest moves and in the end it came down to a four man final; me, Ben Profitt, Al Bentley and Oscar Carmichael. It was a close one between me and Ben and he just got it with a solid backloop a planning forward and a very slick switch chachoo in the less than perfect conditions. A couple of pics above of myself styling it up...going for an air chachoo on the way in... :s !!

A bit of wind about this week so I'm off to practice for the freestyle nationals at Poole next week!!!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Fuerte Video

So I just put my video up last night and its already gone a bit mental, almost 5000 hits in 12 hours... and that's been over night...

Take a look. Basically it's a whole load of footage caught from before this Summers PWA event that I entered in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. First PWA event for me and I'm keen to do more (sponsorship anyone?! ha, well out of windsurfing industry stuff only, got the gear covered, cheeeeky)! Anyway check the link below!