Tuesday, 23 August 2011

UKWA Worthing Freestyle Round 4 - 1st place

Ok so it wasn't exactly epic conditions but we did get some good heats in 20 knots of wind on the Sunday afternoon.

It wasn't easy though, the classic high tide south coast death chop isn't exactly ideal for freestylin' it up but when timed well you could bust out some big moves... using the 5.8 was also hard after 6 weeks on 4.2/4.7 but keeping the moves fairly simple meant I managed to successfully take the overall 1st place. Super happy with that and outside of the heats I could practice the bigger moves on a massive sail for what is bound to be an even harder comp at Poole Windfest with the return of some of the Vass crew, Bubble, Max, Jamie, etc....

Looking forward to the next few weeks with National Windsurf Festival, Poole Windfest and Scottish Windfest all coming up, an awesome chance to catch up with a lot of friends, do some road trippin' and windsurf windsurf windsurf!