Monday, 8 November 2010

Home ground!

Sailed at Camber this morning, nothing unusual about that except it was sub 10 degrees and about 40 knots!!! Super windy, super stacked, super cold and double ice cream hands! Perfect, winter is here then!

Bubble met me down at Rye station, he even decided to get the train for this 'epic' session, getting up at about 6.15 this morning for it! It was good fun..generally... but not quite what we had in mind. We preped the video cameras and waterproof housing the night before, thinking we could do a bit of filming as well but our power hour finished when the tide got a bit on the high side and the wind picked up even more! I think even holding a video camera, let alone trying to press filming buttons in those conditions would have been almost impossible!

It's sessions like that where you think if I can land this move in these conditions or even learn something new then that's one ticked off the list of being able to do it in all conditions. Shame it was the puneta show and I didn't land anything new but did get close to a new combo for learnt something! Time to crack out the gloves and hoods...

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