Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Pozo day 1/2 and move to RRD sails

It's not really going off here in Pozo at the moment, the wind is there (stacked on 4.5 yesterday afternoon) and all the pros are out still busting the usual tricks but off waves that are no more than two foot at best! Didn't stop Koster, Campello and Fernandez busting out doubles and tweaked pushies all over the place!

It was a good intro to the place for me though but now keen to see it really go off!

If you didn't catch my video up on boards and/or boardseeker, then here is the link:

It's a short video clip filmed and edited mainly by Josh Willmot at Whitstable on Kents 'North Shore'.

Few more days left in Pozo before heading over to Sotavento...

More updates soon!

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